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Jesus Coin is a faith coin advocated by Christian groups, aiming to spread faith through cryptocurrency while enhancing personal value recognition through charitable activities. It goes beyond being merely a token; it is a movement that intertwines the crypto field with faith and charity. The goal of the movement is to improve the well-being of individuals and society, and our mission is to demonstrate the love, forgiveness and mercy of Jesus through philanthropy of lasting impact in the name of Jesus Coin.

Current social challenges

The world today faces various social and geopolitical issues, including but not limited to racial issues, regional wars, LGBTQ rights, and the dilemma of Faith. These issues lead to social divisions and tensions. The love of Jesus has become our common bond, calling on Christians around the world to stir up the fire of faith, influence the world, and save more souls. No matter where you come from, what your race is, or what your faith is, the love of Jesus is all-encompassing. The Jesus Coin becomes a vehicle to spread this love.

Token Economics

Name: Jesus Coin

Symbol: Jesus

The parameters are as follows:

Global Philanthropic Mission

Jesus Coin is committed to global charity activities, including buying food and school supplies for children in Gaza, digging wells for poor areas in Kenya, assisting the lowest caste people in India, donating to children in mountainous areas in China, helping America’s homeless, we will also continue to seek out those in need. The finances are handled by a Christian accountant, and we will publish expenditure details on the official Twitter and community every 7 days to ensure that all proceeds from the 0.7% sales tax are used for charity. Our accounts are open and transparent. Through global recruitment of volunteers, we will build a strong community force and contribute to the broader social well-being. We accomplish our mission of charity in a decentralized manner and follow the teaching of Matthew 6:3, “But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

Promotion strategy

Jesus has 2 billion followers around the world. We hope to achieve stable growth in the value of the token by gathering believers. Jesus Coin also welcomes people of different religious beliefs to participate and contribute to community charity activities. We reward communities around the world who participate in philanthropy, and their good deeds will be encouraged and supported. We will produce T-shirts and hats with the Jesus Coin logo for the community, and details of each charity event will be released on the official Twitter and in the community. Charity is not our promotional strategy, it is our purpose.

Road Map

We emphasize the faith background and charitable goals of the token, making Jesus Coin a pioneer in spreading love and hope. We aspire to extend this mission to the world and give glory back to Jesus.

Given that this is an experimental endeavor, we strongly advise buyers to invest with caution and cryptocurrency investments are risky.